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vendredi, décembre 13, 2013

♥ OZ day 1

Day 1:
Flight delayed! Didn't know till we reached the airport at 10plus. From 0045hr to 0500hr. Due to the smog in Shanghai, the aircraft couldn't reach Singapore in time, as a result, the alt aircraft to use was the plane that just arrived from LA. Which was from an A380 to a B777, online check in for nothing cos no upper deck and no window seats on B777. Sian ttm can. Super angsty cos couldn't sleep properly too. Flight attendants were all apologetic about it, but it's the lost time, opportunities and expectations that disappointed us. Flew off ard 0520am, reached Sydney ard 3plus OZ time. Chit chat with the person next to me, interesting girl from msia, 18yo, Christian too! At least the journey wasn't that quiet. Haha. Took a video while airplane was landing, turned out it took off again! Scared me sia, but the pilot told us that it was due to a strong gush of wind, that he couldn't land properly, and he had to detour for another 10 min.. ok, I never encounter so many zabalang thing before in my past 23 years..
Reached the airport and past immigration ard 5, bought a prepaid (Vodafone) SIM card for $30, more worth than my prev times buying Optus.
Headed for the hotel with cab cos we were dead tired by then. Initial plan was to take train, but found out today that it cost $15.90/pax single trip from airport to hotel, and taxi only $35/- . Phew.
Hotel room was okok, then we headed out for dinner initially but dapao food instead. Haha. Booked blue mountain tour tickets for next day! Slept at 11 plus or 8 plus sg time..

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