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lundi, décembre 16, 2013

♥ OZ day 4

Day 4, woke up excited cos we were heading for Sydney Bridge Climb in the evening. Went down to Paddy's Market and got some souvenirs and snacks. Reminds me of QVM. After that, headed to Ramen Kan opp the market, cos it's good food below $20. Indeed, it was a small restaurant, we waited for approx 5-10min cos some of the tables weren't cleared. Ordered some set lunch etc and the bill came up to $98.20 only for 5pax! Yeah, before ppl judge and say that I'm rich, pls be mindful that eating out in Aussie is definitely not cheap, a normal main course can usually cost $15-25. That excludes drinks. That is why, most of the ppl would cook at home. After these, we went back to Central Station cos we wanted to buy tour for the Dolphin Watch tmr. There was a promotion from Grayline regarding the diamond pass. After nearly an hour, we managed to clear our doubts and booked the tickets. (Much credits to my bro-in-law). We headed back to hotel to put our stuff down before leaving for Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Reached there approx 5:20pm, just 15min before our climb. It was in groups of 14, so there was 2 families of 5 and 2 couples. We introduced ourselves and changed to an overall, kept our stuff in the lockers and the pre climb briefing starts. There were so many things to take note/clip on to ourselves. The cap, radio and headset, spec or shades, the safety harness, handkerchief and our locker keys. We practiced climbing up and down the ladders, scary. Lol, but truthfully, throughout the whole climb, only climbing the ladders and walking across to the start point were scary. The walking on the bridge or arc is easy. Haha. View was great, a little wasted that it was cloudy. Missed the chance of sunset. But as I was climbing down the ladder, the train passed by! Quite exciting!

After the whole climb, left the place approx 945pm. Had a quick dinner at McDonald's at Circular Quay. Went on to The Star Casino to look look, got stopped by the guards. What, black hair and short girl cannot enter is it. Lol. Stayed for half hour only before heading back.

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