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mercredi, décembre 18, 2013

♥ OZ day 5

Ok, I'm finally gonna edit this post after 1 month plus. Lol.

And so, we went on the Port Stephens Dolphin Watch Tour. First stop was sandboarding! It was an experience. All I can say was, I was really scaredy cat, only did once. Haha..

Then we had lunch on the cruise (which sends us out to the sea for some dolphins watch) quite disappointing cos not many dolphins.. sigh.

Later that night, we went to Thai House that was just opp our hotel.. nice and filling.. and of cos, since we had a good dinner, we decided to go and walk at the Opera House.. haha.. v interesting structure, and I rmb what the Sydney harbour bridge tour guide was telling us, that the designer never got to see it's finished work.. sigh.. anyway, it so happened that a musical just ended and a lot of ppl came out of the theatre.. tell you the truth.. that was the only time I felt it was Australia.. too many foreigners in the land, sadly..

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