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lundi, septembre 22, 2014

♥ Sept 2

It was a pretty good weekend!
Really ate a lot last Friday, had Dian Xiao Er at (airport) T3 for lunch (farewell mehhhh) and ThaiPan at the Mandarin Gardens for dinner (welcome dinner for Team Oki!)
Went for area vision on Sat, talked to a few families and believe that we are able to invite them to some activities. Thank God for open doors n the opportunities that He has given (for follow up!!) Really grateful for my AML & AAML, for their relentless sacrifice even to do the foundation over the past few months.
And yes, I went home and sleep after that. Haha, I never slept so much n well on a Saturday (:
Had morning nursery duty on Sunday, followed by evening video duty. This is what we used to call - combo duties. Morning have to carry babies, evening have to do camera / pending, hand is super aching lor.
Sigh, speaking about video, my regional head has stepped down ): so, I really need wisdom & a sensitive spirit even as I start to lead the crew.

Back to work today. Surprisingly it wasn't as hectic as last Mon* (haha, cos my colleague not on MC else I will be the one with the grouchy attitude) in fact, I was super restless the whole afternoon. Ok, shall go disturb ppl tmr.

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