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jeudi, décembre 11, 2014

♥ Dec

After working so hard last week as the duty planner, i am finally on a (quite) long leave! Just went to JB for shopping / food hunt ytd, didn't know it was so easy to get over to JB! hahaha. Jen drove us to JPO, am so glad i wasn't prepared for this trip else i would had spent a bomb there!! Really cheaper than sg and some stuff were really a steal! Went to Stonegrill at CSM (City Square Mall) for dinner, wah, really super filling and good. Really fun n interesting trip! Lucky thing was i managed to catch the last 969 bus from Woodlands.. Gotta continue packing my luggage for Taiwan trip tonight! will be back next Friday! :) and best thing, will be meeting Cheryl that evening to discuss our Aussie trip for May 2015! super exciting! Expensive way to de-stress :p #outofoffice

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