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vendredi, septembre 25, 2015

♥ Sept 2

Such a happy week! Baby Abigail was born on sunday, everyone in the family has promoted :) Definitely gonna pamper her like siao. Lol.
(P.S. I was on duty actually and am v lucky w a lot of inv closure, P2P, trent 1000/xwb structure, meetings etc. But all these didn't bother anymore after seeing abigail!)
That aside, booked the flights for Japan trip next March! Yay!! Konnichiwa! Sho happy!
But for these 2 months, I need to start planning for penang trip in Nov :) #destress
I just did an impulsive thing. I bought tickets for this IPTL tennis event that's happening in Dec! Roger Federer :) It might be cheaper than buying the Australian Open tickets (plus flying to Melbourne). But next struggle is. . applying for leave on that Friday. And hoping that I have no video duty that weekend. Wahahaha!

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