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samedi, mars 12, 2016

♥ Jan-Mar

I've been pretty overwhelm recently...
Best news in Jan, baby Ruth (niece) was born~ i'm an aunty again! :p #saygdbyetomoney

Pretty excited for the new year, yet also quite fearful.
1st trip of the year, was to Ipoh in Jan! Hahaha nearby but still shiok..
2nd trip is during the end of this month, to Japan!
3rd trip is end of April, to Hong Kong!
4th trip is in Oct, to Bangkok!
Still contempleting whether to go for camp in Jun though.

Even though 1st quarter is coming to an end (soon) and the handover is supposed to be happening.. we, or myself, is still feeling a little lost. Well, shit aside - clearing up the whole kit date, qlikview, SPC chart, Additional workscope network from the previous planner-in-charge, work is still okay if everyone does their part.. but the thing is that we can only do at our level. shorthanded everywhere leh.

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