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mardi, juillet 24, 2007

♥ black day!!

today was the long awaited BLACK DAY! hahaha! >1/2 of my class wore black to support this day! xD our math lecturer, who was the first to see us, was questioning about the colour code. LOL. we were the men *ahem!* in black kinda thing. =p then was IDEA, screwed up!! really need to do our proj! photoshop, powerpoint, model, etc.. ahh! i don't wanna retake this horrible module! ): the other groups' model wasn't too bad either! (: ours also lah, but is just that we didn't improvise (ehh, spelling error i think) it properly YET. haha~ den after lunch was that dreadful class. ): those wearing black were all sitting at the back of the class =/ hahaha~ den ev'one was so worried that during tutorial, lecturer would scold us for not doing our tutorials again. but surprisingly he didn't check (: hahaha! den after boring mech, (i finally understand smth) we played with the lift again. some got traumatised by previous experience but still got on the lift, and thankfully it didn't break down! (: yay! haha~

busy busy for next few weeks!
IDEA presentation next tues (1 week from today)
OC presentation next wed
mech class test2 next next tues(2 weeks from today)
autocad test2 next next wed
fund math exam next next next tues(3 weeks from today)
thermofluids exam next next next fri
electronics exam next next next next tues/wed/thurs(4 weeks from today)
school vacations for 4 weeks (:

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