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lundi, juillet 23, 2007

♥ bzbz

had simulation presentation on friday. lol, it was manageable! (: den after class on fri was supposed to do idea model making but the LIC not in, so we decided to do it later on morning =/ den went for youth rally at yishun, there was a great dance performance and a great sermon. the simple video showed many things, make to the day when Jesus died for each and everyone of us. "it is only friday, sunday is a coming".. den had night cycling!! whee~ started at 12:15am until 5 plus 6.. and we cycled like siao. xD enjoyable! but tiring~ body was aching like siao.. haha. esp that part, really sore. haha. den slept thru the afternoon until 5 cos had combined net gathering that day! was fun! lol. had video for morning service, hand really aching ): thighs couldn't tahan sia.. den came home and zzz.. gg to zzz now ! mugging in sch as usual tmr! (: *thermo!*

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