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vendredi, juillet 27, 2007

♥ =D

went to school earlier on thursday morning to read thru mechanics lab notes, lol. yeah, saw captain planet at t16 and managed to really scare him! =X hahaha! den saw joseph at t16 also before leaving for mechanics. den saw denise outside mechanics class! lol. test was =/ hahaha~

xD saw valerie in the interchange today and went home together (: it's really a coincidence cos she usually takes 39 home straight from sch but she went to meet jy's mama to pass to her smth today. and it happened to be raining today, so i decided to take bus home and den we saw each other! wow!! =D had lotsa catching up on the bus, shortest bus ride ever. lol.

kk, gotta go do proj! ): die. dying. died. dead.

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