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lundi, juillet 02, 2007

♥ escape

(: had fun at escape theme park today with friends! <3 met at pasir ris mrt this morning and had breakfast at mac at white sands. eh, yi wei had to go back to SP for cca ): so left with zul, wei ming, timo, james, cheryl and me! den we played go kart first and slowly all the rides. our main purpose was to play go kart so didn't play much on the rides. haha. feisal and sutris came later and we had fun! the bumper ride, haunted house, inverter, go kart, train and aeroplane! wah, we siao alr. thank God i didn't vomit today (: hahaha! the last time i went to escape theme park and play was when i was sec 1 or 2? cos it's just so ex to enter lah, $16.50 leh. ): and i rmb vomitting after playing pirate ships, 2 times i played, i vomitted both occasions twice ): eww. haha~ so thank God that was in maintainence today! (: LOL. i didn't know go kart is actually daytona. never tried or attempted to drift. partly cos scared, mainly cos too small to even drift. :O haha~ we should have more class outings (:
going to do mechanics (: hahaha!

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