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mardi, juillet 03, 2007


class started at 9am this morning. mech today was quite okay, i'm finally done with friction! did all the qns alr! (: now still dun understand kinematics, new chapter we learnt today. den ariff brought back childhood game, worms! LOL. last time still rmb kor kor and er ge alw play sia. LOL. haha. den sutris VS siby. very funny sia! den after that was fund. math again. got back common test result, 26.5/30 =/ cos my binomial really CMI. next monday! i'm gonna practise A MATH! ):< lecturer dismissed us at 5 plus. den after we got to the 2nd floor (took lift from 3rd to 2nd =/) we all tot we saw our math lecturer! was really look alike sia! den we kept commenting
"that one intan (lecturer's name) arh!"
"cannot be lah, she still 3rd floor leh"
"den this one is who sia"
"this one inlim"
but the 4 of us all tot is our math lecturer sia! partly cos same colour clothes den height also the same. LOL. we were like "intan super power, teleport" hahah!

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