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jeudi, août 09, 2007

♥ bird day?

happy national day~! (: saw quite a lot of secondary and primary school students wearing red to celebrate this day. LOL. they are so fortunate can.

thermo class started at 8am ytd, tried attempting qns which i find it tough and i finally understand how to solve qns using log! (: improvement! den whole class skipped lecture to do autocad revision in lab before going for O.C. and then was in the lift when classmates sang b'day song to me (: LOL. it was hilarious. i rmb-ed the first week of school, while i was having lunch with amos and cheryl, there was this group of prolly business students celebrating birthday at F.C. 3. so they were singing really high and screamed like no one's business purely bcos they were girls. so i think i commented smth like my classmates will be singing really low on my birthday cos they're all guys la. well, come to think of it, i was wrong. ): they were singing so high in the lift until i couldn't tahan! =/ gah. after O.C. was autocad test. managed to finish the 3D drawing, thank God for that instant wisdom. 2D was a failure. couldn't complete assembly drawing. bye to distinctions and As for autocad and mechanics. ): so instead of having a yearly birthday routine of a half day, this year was completely different! 8am to 5:30pm! after class, went to airport again to mug. this time is more like slacking =/. anw, i hate public holidays! ): cos of make up classes! but on the brighter side of life, i'm left with 3 more modules only (: whee!

p.s. many thanks to everyone! (:
happy 17th birthday to nana! xD

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