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mardi, août 28, 2007

♥ dead silence

(: watched 2 movies le!
yeah, watched rush hour 3 on monday with classmates at vivo. intended to go sentosa but the weather wasn't good. so we decided to catch a movie! i must say it's very jackie-chan-stunt show. the impressive part was the last part when both of them used the flag as a parachute! really LOL! haha!
went to school on tues for another gyl briefing in the morning. haha. there was only another person and me from group 4 =/ gah. watched "dead silence" in the evening with veron. was expecting smth really boring but it turned out to be not that bad! whereas veron thot it would be good, but turned out to be boring! =/ gah. i'm gonna be more negative in future, reverse psychology =(

Newlyweds Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) and Lisa Ashen (Laura Regan) receive a creepy ventriloquist doll at their doorstep one stormy night. He goes out for some Chinese take-away and comes home to a brutally dismembered wife. Soon, we get involved in the old ghost story of Mary Shaw, about a ventriloquist who goes insane. Accused of a young boy's murder, she was hunted down by vengeful townsfolk who cut out her tongue. They buried her with her 'children', a handmade collection of vaudeville dolls. Since then, the town of Ravens Fair has been plagued by death. Lisa is merely the latest victim and Jamie must unravel the mystery of the dolls before a policeman arrests him for his wife's murder.

the scary part was mainly caused by the sound effect!! the first part of the movie (which was how his wife died) was really not bad! the twist at the ending was quite expected, cos i guess my inference skills is really good :) haha. ahh.. i seems to have
paediophobia! which means fear of dolls. this movie did not really have much impact on me, only makes me feel more disgusted with dolls / puppets.

beware the stare of mary shaw.
she had no children, only dolls.
and if you see her, do not scream.
or she'll rip your tongue out at the seam.
-1940s children rhyme from ravens fair

i rmb the part when the policeman and jaime was trying to escape from mary shaw in the theatre, the policeman fell off from smth cos the screw came out, and was a really great height. and he unintentionally screamed. and den -whoosh- his tongue kena ripped off. =/ it's a PG show, so not that gore.

yes! i wanna watch more movies! evan almighty, ratatouille and the invasion (when humans loses all their emotions)!! cos it's school holidays! =D

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