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vendredi, août 24, 2007

♥ done with studying. time to slack!

yay! i feel so FREE~~~ (: k, finally updating some pics!

cleone, me and matthew~! <3
caleb with us! (:
and i've used caleb for my IDEA project's poster =/ thanks caleb for that pose! :D haha! yay! no more IDEA!!! =D
Oral communication presentation 2 on... *drum rolls*..
yes!! (:
short update on zoo trip.. 28th july.. =/
ben and jerry ice cream (:
*ahh! falling into the pond
kena frightened by that TALL giraffe.. =(
us (:
o.O kangaroo?
sad. forced to go australia zoo. kidnapped by yiru. *look at her evil grin*
polar bear!
leopard cat! :))
croc? crocs shoes =/
wu gui.
penguin! :D
NDP rehearsal~ CMI =( veron and me!
and for the past few days to weeks, had been studying in preparation for sem exams. went to t16, t1813, SP library, kou fu, changi airport view hall 1 & 2, airport mcdonald and tampines library. wow, it was so tiring =( and difficult. so the only way to have more knowledge and grow smarter is to...
yes! smarties is the answer! studying is not good for health ):
will result to sleeping!! >:(
the alternative way is to read storybook! (: buy the smaller version first, den go to tamp library and borrow the bigger version :P
finally, here is the day. school vacations after 17 weeks of school. huishan and i finally went to queue up at suntec donut factory! <3 most =) and and and! i've got bass class tmr :) yay!
(: next tues and thurs going to SP for gyl briefing!
den following monday is the opening of gyl camp, and den from tuesday to friday, i'll be having camp at batam! =/ gah! cannot use hp and internet =(

ps 116:15
God shares in our joy and sorrow! he rejoices with us, and wept with us (:

God shows & teaches me love at...
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