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vendredi, août 10, 2007

♥ screwed up lab test ):

had electronics lab test today. i really screwed this up ): and i am really sad, at the verge of crying T.T had no choice but call for SOS for JK flip flop = minus 15 marks ): BHH. tot can get 50marks ): cos i really don't know how to do the next oscilloscope experiment. instead of a 50min test, i did for 65 min? gosh. ): just hope i can pass this practical test =/ *jia you in sem exam le!!* can get C for electronics, it's enough le.
den was supposed to meet melody at TM to get the calculators at 1pm. tot she'll be late so i loitered around until 2 plus, den i realised she didn't bring her hp la. so went to tm mac and small mac to look for her, but to no avail. so decided to go to san bookshop (cos earlier on i went to life bkshop, popular and times), and gotten 'hannibal rising' book (: wanted to pay and return home but i felt lazy and decided to hang around that shop a while more. den someone called me "joanna!", yes, it was melody! =P LOL. saw nikki at the lift area and aaron at the popular bookshop! LOL. aaron was like "JOANNA!", =/ couldn't recognised him initially. lol.
bhh no bass class tmr ): 2 and 1/2 months le! T.T
preparing to mug fund math tmr. den thermo and den electronics.
i doubt i'll even get 3.0 for my GPA. yes, even though i sounds and looks hardworking, i alw screw the paper up ): darn.

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