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vendredi, septembre 28, 2007

♥ 1st week of school

boo 1st week of school is coming to an end le! means, less slacking ):
shit i hate blogger. i detest blogger.
i have lotsa group projects coming up - CD, CRS, PSYC. have group works - e materials and workshop practice.
had workshop practice's lecture on thursday morning after GEMs, was wondering who the indian lecturer was. who knew, he's our mechanics lecturer from last sem! lol, still remembered the time when we had this mini "anti black day" sia. LOL.

haha! den he was really high when he stepped into the classroom (:

c programming lecture was really dry, it could hardly keep me awake la. it felt like an hour, but only 10 min had passed. ): zzz. followed by CD at t1846. lol, reminded me of all the GYL briefings sia! so i purposely sat at the exact same chair which i alw sit (: hoho, don't know whether it's a good or bad thing to not have teng as my CD lecturer sia. if not, we're all "his best student" le. bored. tired. gotta get sleep le. class starts at 8am again later.

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