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dimanche, septembre 23, 2007

♥ bass

struggled to wake up on sat morning at 10am, slept for a total of only 3 hours. reached sembawang at 1pm on the dot, when SP and i actually intended to reach there 1/2 hr earlier =/ lol. anw had our bass assessment or mini test lah. phew, thank God i had a B+ not too bad :) yeah not one of the best but i tried la! haha~ den went for the workshop and learned quite a bit from the band and during the vocal "training". went for edge and was dozing off half of the time when pastor jeremy seaward was preaching, i tried paying attention at least. went to bedok simpang for dinner and had a laughable time there with all the cold jokes and etc lah. ahh i really really need to get sleep le, waking up at 7:30 am on sunday. and class starts at 9am on monday, like SO FAST ): and that also means less time to blog or watch tv or play le =( sadded.
12 weeks later lor, or maybe in another 19 weeks (: when we're having our long long semester break while other poly students gotta mug during their CNY xD
good night

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