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jeudi, septembre 13, 2007

♥ =D

well done! to those who did well and not too well this sem =) at least you've heard the wake up call !
just realised an interesting fact ytd! =) harold and i not only shares the same birthday, we share the same GPA!! omg! super cool! but we got different grades la~
right now, ev'one (most of us) are alr motivated to do much better next sem. muggers le.
at least we are know the importance of studies.
my 1st idol to get 4.0 GPA is yi zhuan
2nd is ali
3rd is rachel

gosh, how they managed to do tat well!?

ahh, still struggling with the tot of what GEM to take? =/
psychology and counselling? (since i also took this class in church =/)
financial marketing for engineers? (but i dunno accounts!)
calander reading (since it's a slack one.. =/)
and i think i'll be organising another post GYL activity (: prolly for lantern festival.
i must play hard this holidays! (:

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