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samedi, septembre 22, 2007

♥ dinner movie aqua monkey supper

ahh what a night!
went out with the GYLs last night! lol, initially wanted to ask a small group of ppl but to be fair, should call everyone arh. so after calling everyone, was expecting a bigger group today but in the end only 13 came ): like real sad. but it's okay la! haha! had dinner at billy bombers. real funny. was toking about jiaqi, den he suddenly appear outside bb! den was told that he kena 2 bird droppings directly on his head. like real lucky! :D den saw amos and sze loong also! like so coincidental! den i think sis's friend saw me! like SUPERB qiao. and tot the movie was at 7:50pm, but in the end it was at 9pm so yeah =/ slack till 9 lo. rogue assassin isn't too bad. (: i really like the twist and twist. basically the plot! the killing and gore are kinda crude, like you don't see 'em in normal PG shows lah, NC16 is really a good show. what actually made me continued to watch on initially was the cars and motorbikes! they are real big beauties. esp jet li's. like heck, i wanna get it in this lifetime!
after movie, 8 of us managed to squeeze into gary's small car. lizhi, aaron, sean, desiree, denise and me were behind. cheryl and gary infront. 6 of us behind! but thankfully we're thin and slim (: ha! send denise back home first b4 sean got his dad's car to drive us around! and his driving skills are definitely much safer than gary's. haha! and more spacious (:
much happier me(:

happy cheryl too!

in the car! much bigger too

hahaha den drove to changi to drink and see bleah (: and we saw sze loong again! eating nasi lemak =/ hahaha! den drove to yishun/mandai/etc and got road block! so we quickly put on our safety belt! LOL. went to bukit timah nature park and one more place to see monkey! haha! by then it was 3 plus going 4 le. den some of us went to lau pa sat to have supper! :D yummy! and then was send to doorstep! (: yay! haha!
okay, gotta be up at 9am later. got bass assessment later at 1pm. i scared i'll screw my chromatic thingy ): gah, die. not enough sleep.

anw, thanks to sean and gary for being our chauffeurs!

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