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mercredi, septembre 19, 2007


horrible GEMS.
but i still managed to get into psychology & counselling (Science) =) thanks to kiasu-ism (:
haha! cos i heard from those with experience that all the good courses will get grabbed within the first 5 min! like who believe la, where got so exaggerated. but nevertheless, as a true singaporean, i practiced what one would do. being kiasu. so i logged in to sas at 1 plus when my appointment is only at 3pm =/ cos if log in at 3pm, system will definitely hang!! den kept refreshing the page ev' 20 minutes until 2:58pm. starting counting down, prepared the module code with the "ctrl + v", so can save time typing the code, nervous, as if it was the new millennium. when it struck 3pm, chiong to register and then the first part hang! i resorted to logging off and logging in once again! darn i thought, sure don't have the course le! even though only 1 min passed. den managed to log in and register and i saw psychology and counselling still open and i just anyhow click on the ticks hoping to get a place, "confirm?" yes!!, "processing", hell, i waited as if it was eternity. "you have been registered to the class" (: YAY! to double confirm, i checked my timetable and yeah, it was in! (: HAHA! and so by the time i told the first person about this, it was only 3:04pm :D haha! kiasu-ism!
it's gonna be on thurs morning at 8am-10am~ den wed and fri afternoon free!! =D
next sem i'll either take calendars and astronomy (Arts) or etiquette & professional image (business)
and and and timo is in the same GEMS as me (: ! but different class ):
and and and cheryl is taking the class on wed, and desiree is taking the class on fri! :D

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