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vendredi, septembre 07, 2007


:) hi, just returned from Generation Y Leadership(GYL) Camp. it was from 4 sept to 7 sept. even though i had been dreading to go for the camp (which i alw does) i still enjoyed my time over there and seriously think that 4 days is simply short. should make it 5 to 7 days la. haha! time really really gone past so fast that i thought that today is the 2nd day of camp. it was an enjoyable trip. really. i don't have any pictures with me, just hope that they will send to me real soon :) heh. anw, my roommates were denise and cheryl (: great people. i'll just write everything in order la~ easier for me to relate also. any time from reaching batam onwards is one hour later than s'pore.

day 1.
we all met at tanah merah ferry terminal at 8am. i know some of you must be wondering where the heck is it, and it's actually very far away from the tanah merah which you alw see on the mrt train. even further than changi airport. my taxi fare came up to $9+ even though i live so near simei. ha! i rmb seeing gary and sean sitting on the steps by the entrance, cos it was quite cold inside. surprisingly i didn't feel cold at all! :D haha. being the leader wasn't easy for me. i just feel that i lack of the something. confidence? i just refused to project my voice too. the trip on the ferry to batam was quite bad. i was sitting in the lower deck, so it was very shaky :( felt like vomitting.
we went to "hang tuah" (the room) at the resort for some debrief and games. we played puzzles with the people born in the same month! and i realised there's 3 of us whose birthday is on 8 AUGUST 1990 :D not 1, not 2 but 3!! :D how coincidental la! and it's all from MM (: first group to complete the puzzles and 3D cube puzzle :) ha! den after checking in the room, had lunch :) den had raft building! group 4 and some group 5 mbrs :) [heh heh!] cool~ some people were saying that usually no group can built and sail it back successfully on the first day of camp cos of lack of teamwork. den while building, gary, jane and myself was also chit chatting :) haha! den that gary bluffed me that a certain hill was the bukit timah hill and to think i actually believed. and he was the spy for our group cos he ate a lot of spices when he was younger, lol. den i was very worried that i will drown during this trip but thank God! the guys in the group were strong :) the 2 girls were sitting in the centre = the slackers. not exactly! we actually play a big part too! cos the ropes will loosen in the water, so we both sit in the centre to create tension. haha, so in the end we won the game :D haha! den played poker cards at night. fun :)

day 2
had trekking with the same group~ loved it! hahaha! climbing the rocks, stepping in the mud (until abv ankle), losing our way.. learned a lot on communication. every role is equally impt. the map reader, the compass person, the first man, the last man, the pacer. 100m is approx 60 strides! den gary was talking crap all the way, ahh! and i think during this trekking, it is better to give a helping hand rather than just plainly saying "be careful" actions speaks louder than words ma. O.o den had some motivation talk by a counsellor, smth about empathy. putting yourself in other people's shoes. den was also preparing for gala night skit. really very very funny! den slept ard 1 plus that night. haha. i was sleeping like a cocoon. =/

day 3
played dragonboat :) fun! peddling on the creatures and connecting with the other creatures boat or whatever. haha. den we wanted to attack the dragonboat-ers and those kayaking. and the biggest news was gary lost his spec!! haha! we suan-ed him like siao! den was preparations for gala night, so we rehearsed the skit la. den we got ready for the gala dinner. pretty girls xD haha! den i realised i got sunburnt! it was so obvious that thru out the dinner, those gals who were feeling cold would just touch my legs for warmth. den we performed our skit, which was well done. thanks to that gary who gives us the whole idea of the skit by "zhi dao-ing, zhi bian-ing, zhi yan-ing" self direct, self script, self act. LOL. the skit was really hilarious.. shall update on it another time :P
den was award presentations which was :) our group collected a lot of times! went up ard 7 times sia! heh. and the BIGGEST news for me is that at 2 plus in the morning, cheryl, firdaus, jalal and me went for star gazing! more other ppl were outside but drinking =/ i saw shooting stars for the first time in my whole entire life! :D no no, i didn't make a wish. i'm not having a MTV for zai zai. and the next news is that i saw a fireball! i actually tot it was a firefly, den firdaus was commenting that it was actually a fireball =) jalal was the only one who didn't see it :( gah. went back ard 2:45am and chit chat with denise and cheryl till 3 plus. and for the first time, i was the last to sleep!! omg! it was actually 4 plus at singapore timing.

woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast and den check out. went to the elementary school which was equally fun :D hahah! the kids there were very adorable! we played dog and bone with them and it reminds me of my primary school days when the 2 different groups will jeer at the other team. this exactly happened to them. they were jeering and close to fighting sia. but kids. we got the p3 batch, so it wasn't that bad. they understand a lil english. i don't understand malay except 1-5. hahaha :) a lot of things are better explained in pictures which i don't have. :(
den went for shopping at the city. the mega mall of batam! surprisingly, 4 of us (girls) didn't managed to get anything! i was asking gary about his eye candy la. it was really LOL-ing la. and his gay partner sean was equally funny. these 2 guys tgt, really ultimate leh. sean kept saying he want to buy for his brother, den after he choose le, he said "i think this one too small/big for my brother, i buy this la". or want to buy crackers and biscuits, he will say buy for his mother! den boxers and shirt, buy for brother de, in the end he bot for himself. gosh. during the ferry back, sat upstairs, can feel the breeze and see the sun and waves, etc. no headaches :)
den dinner at the same coffeeshop which i went with classmates the previous week. :)
many thanks to the people who made this camp a success.

the lecturers in charge!
"all the best!" by mr teng~
the multilingual mr teo~
the pretty counsellor mrs karen choo~
and many more!

group 4!
andrew - for carrying my laptop to batam and from batam :) even delivering to my hut's doorstep which was really far for him. his leadership guidance which i secretly learnt :P and for being a good example.
max - for being a good sport! he's always doing all the work for me la. great sailor too. esp during the kayaking with gary. ["oh oh oh ohhh!" kena capsized]
jane - ehh talking with me :) it's good to have a fellow female friend. and playing BINGO! =D and a great dancer! can never believe she only started 1 year plus ago.
gary - for being such a crappy person! wth. i can never forget the first day i saw him, so blur la. now ar. where got blur, only make me blur! but his effort for the skit was great.
hafiz - only one who speaks malay, so was a great translator to the elementary kids. yay. and a good bouncer for the skit!
hwee sheng - haha! the judge and the farter for the skit! looks quiet but he actually has a lot of ideas going thru his mind~
yi zhuan - the bodyguard for du shen! LOL. smelling the towel =/ i haven't relate the skit yet, so sure dunno what i referring to.
benjamin - another sailor! without 'em, i think our raft building sure CMI la. haha~

chin pau - yes, even though he tries to save his dignity and pride yet still embarrasses himself consistantly, at least we had someone to look out for. like watching him really close. in the bad way.
denise - for being a good and tolerant group leader. with chin pau in the same group, i must comment that she has done her part well. if i were her, i will definitely flare up! hear me roar! and for the good night talks which we will share (:
cheryl - for alw allowing me to stick with. really thank God. the good night talks by the balcony, gazing stars by the poolside.
desiree - to confide with one another :) i love girls talk! ha! and she's alw suaning that gary which is yay :)
li zhi - for carrying my luggage while waiting for taxi. even though he was the lucky one who got the merc cab to get home, still thankful for him~
jia qi - for complimenting me that i'm TALL. hahahaha!
it was plainly becos during the elementary school, his group's classroom got the stage. den i was commenting that denise has grown and became taller cos she was standing on the stage. so i merely asked jia qi to stand on the stage too and complimented him that he's taller! and then just bcos of that he's been saying that i'm also a bai-kar, lame. :(
edwin - the C.C. dunno him that well la, but i think he isn't as bad as what others say. =/ i just don't like his hair. like gay. but if he botak, equally like gay, maybe more gross =( eww.
joseph - his help during the trekking! can be real quiet at times until i dunno what to say, as in literally :( but at least he tries to talk la. :)
sze loong - for connecting the peddling creatures. :) haha! a lot of strength wor.
and for every one who had made this camp enjoyable :D

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