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mercredi, septembre 12, 2007

♥ results :)

i'm so happy
super happy
even though didn get 4.0 for GPA like what zul tot i'm capable of
like super super happy
that i passed my electronics :)

Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade
MS6120 [fund math] - 4 - A
MM1401 [thermo] - 4 - A
MM1108 [mech] - 4 - A
LC0506 [O.C] - 2 - B
MM1208 [autoCAD] - 4 - B
SP0502 [IDEA] - 2 - B
EC1403 [electronics] - 4 - C+


thank God! :)
really! jia you in next sem! :)
now can also take dip plus le! =D yay!
i'm most disappointed with my autoCAD result, only B leh ): i wanted an A for it! =(
i tot of failing electronics, den retake the module lor, get C+ like very ugly. but it's okay~ i'm so glad it's figgly finished! IDEA got B leh!~ don't pray pray ~ surprisingly got A for fund math, i tot my math very jia lat one :P cos i dunno log and ln and functions and graphs. ev' thing is last min practice den understand. so now i know, i must do revisions =D heh, now now. shld i take up dip plus? =/

neways, just came back from GYL post camp activity =D
had dinner at BK first b4 watching 1408 ytd evening at shaw lido cos most of us got free tickets! hahah! den it was very fun scaring kim during the movie~ most of us treat the movie as if it was a comedy sia, kept laughing non stop =D den some guys got so freaked out with the show (cos i didn't tell them it was a horror movie, though it wasn't really), that they were covering themselves with their jackets. MM guys. gosh. den we walked from orchard to esplanade to just chill, and then some stupid stuffs happened there. =( xue te! ahh! den ton the whole night with edwin, jia qing, kenneth, gary, desiree and cheryl (but she left at 1 plus), went to lau pa sat to makan :) satay, stingray, hor fun. den talk and talk until 5:30am to catch the first train! =D haha!

happy 17th birthday to rachel a. sato!
happy 24th birthday to kor kor!

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