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vendredi, septembre 21, 2007

♥ sian

sian class starting next week
next time monday no more off days ): in fact monday is the only day i can wake up a little later than the rest of the week.

monday class starts at 9am to 2pm (4 hrs not bad)
tues class starts at 8am to 3pm (6 hrs quite okay)
wed class starts at 8am to 12nn (4 hrs! is one of the best)
thurs class starts at 8am to 5pm (8 hrs is hell) thankfully didn't take up dipl plus cos the class is on thurs at 5:30pm, one whole day + evening can just kill me prematurely.
fri class starts at 8am to 12nn (4 hrs!)

yeah, everyday except monday, class starts at 8am. die le. last sem a little more slack lor, at least still got one day free to study whatever i've missed. now arh, only can depend on wed and fri afternoons le. and what? my papa expects me to aim for 4.0 so that when i get >3.5, at least i meet the bare minimum. but if i were to aim for 4.0, it only means my fall would be much harder lor. next sem arh, can get 3.0, i tou-xiao le.
really must mug hard next sem. ask rap and mos for help! yeah.

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