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samedi, octobre 20, 2007

♥ chalet

friday was a long day! had e tech class at 8-12nn, den went to cafe cartel at marina square to have lunch. and jalan2 (: den left city hall at 4:30 cos gotta reach clementi at 5:30 for the SPSU thingy. in the end, i reached ard 4:45 which was very early. den went to search for the student service centre. i tried finding real hard up to 5:30, i was walking in circles and asking ard for directions. darn, my left eyelid kept twitching too. i went to the wrong student centre, but thankfully the lady helped me with directions. AND i dropped my handphone again, ahh. anw i managed to find that place and was kind of blur lah. did some admin stuffs, vacuuming, gaming too LOL. left the place at 9pm and reached home at 10+ had GYL chalet mah.

met up the others to go tgt and we reached the chalet at 12:15 lidat =X not many ppl came, only firdaus, edwin, shukrie, li zhi, sze loong, joseph, john, harold, phon, hwee sheng, jeremy, marcus, cheryl, denise, jalal and me! so we went to the beach to see stars, and nope i didn't see any shooting stars again. singapore luh. den went to eat nasi lemak at changi village and headed back to chalet. (: played cards and jalal kept calling me king of gambler LOL. funny lah! then mirror gave me a winning card too :D hahaha! cos we playing bastard tie-ti, he 1st position, i'm the last. den i gave him my 2 best cards which wasn't very good and he gave me two cards. i had 3 3's, and a 4,5,7,7,8. 8 cards in total, so i asked mirror if can give me 6 instead and of cos he agreed :D and since i had the 3 diamond, i started with 3 cards, and ended with the 5 cards just lidat :P hahaha den mirror was like regretting his actions xD but after that we played some other game, tikam 1 card each, the lowest must drink. the suayest thing is that sze loong kept getting the lowest for no apparent reason, today wasn't his day man. he drank so much until his face really red, drunk la. harold and cheryl also ! k, cos cheryl agreed to take the rap for me, so i lose or no lose don't need to drink :P i think i lost 3 or 4 times in total =x played till 3:45am lidat lo. the pro thing is that after games, sze loong still managed to cycle la! we were taking the double seater de, and he still managed to maintain that calmness and drive like an un-drunked person lol. oh did i mention the bleah are like super chio, and can see their boobs one lah. big luh. LOL. anw went back to chalet and rested for an hour plus b4 heading home. left chalet at 6 plus in the morning and den had breakfast lo. it's only 2 day 1 night! so yeah. maybe it's more on the games part which i enjoyed most! gah.

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