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lundi, octobre 22, 2007

♥ crash class

had nursery on sunday morning (: whee i like janelle's rubber bands! elmo and cookie monster de! omg :) den johann was kinda bored. en jie still so adorable~ den had video in the evening, was slacking in the video room while the others was stress over the PLP grad :P it was a tense evening luh. had dinner at BK at 9 plus den head home :) heh. i don't think i did any school work on sunday =X
monday morning was rainy, reluctant to wake up to go for school. darn it. slept on the train as usual :) first cls was em1 lecture. saw john, kim, xm and aloy outside. den had math quiz which was badly done cos i'm super CMI in differentiation, heh. den had lunch at fc4 with denise, kim and xm. den went for e matl class, quite sian luh. den went to TP and find sp! LOL. crashed her class and her chairman actually believed that i'm a transferred student from SP to do this module ! i think smth to do with java programming de. it's same concept as c prog, but java is more dated mah. den SP had her CDS which is our GEMS, saw akiko and cc on the way to her lecture~ :) they learning le fracais! SP had sociology class, cool, learning about human thinking de. sounds chim also. but sad luh, their lectures is at 5-6 lo, so late! after her class saw quite a no of ppl from SHSS de. (for the fact that i'm from SP and that i haven't stepped into TP for the past 6 months + ) heh. gotta do CRS luh! au revoir =D

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