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samedi, octobre 13, 2007

♥ i am melancholic lah

(: had GEMS on thurs morning. formed our groups to do the project on temperaments. my group had 3 melancholics and 2 cholerics. and we got to do a skit on choleric! hahaha, yeah isn't too bad. really made new friends in class, and it's really cool that we know each other's temperament. we don't hafta hide our true self luh.
had dinner with denise and cheryl on friday night, and while waiting for gay, i asked a simple qns to denise, "what are you thinking?". and she was indeed thinking of some stuffs, but on the other hand when i asked cheryl the same qns, she said "nothing" lol. i truly understand what's the difference b/w a melancholic and phlegmatic person le.
O.o there's GYL chalet next fri-sat! and it's at the aloha, so near my place xD hahaha~ there's gonna be a meteor shower on the 21st oct (according to the astronomy mag). and den i'll probably be thinking like a melancholic person again.
yeah! i just realised that the 2 times i went for star gazing with the GYLs, i was indeed thinking about some stuffs. that time at the pre-camp in SP, i was thinking of why God placed the stars in their positions, and which star am i placed at. and the time at batam, i can't remember what i was thinking, but i was thinking. oh well, it's gonna be another long week to the next weekend =/
woot selamat hari raya! like can finally eat with classmates luh. LOL.

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