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mardi, octobre 16, 2007


ahh i should start on my NYAA le! *determined!*

had c prog this morning, never sleep :) woots, den had CRS. and then makan at FC 4 =/ yes, again. well, funny stuffs happened at FC 4~ hahaha! den had workshop practice. gosh, i think i forgot how to use the auto gear machine luh, i was struggling just now ): but so far so good. maybe cos turning is easier? ahh, tmr got EM1 and EM1! =X e math and e matl~
i'm totally clueless on e materials, dunno why am i hi-lighting the stuffs which i've no idea. ahh! but i think stage A is much slacker than stage B (: B stage gotta do lots of practice de, like mechanics and thermo. but this sem, got workshop practice and e materials' practical to either pull our grades up/down luh.
CRS article, psyc skit, CD prep, etc. sian =/

happy 17th birthday to henki! (:
[yes! the one who dislocated his arm last sem =X]

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