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lundi, octobre 15, 2007

♥ opulent lifestyle

lol had EM1 this morning, so asked math lecturer about the P5 qns that we were struggling with. and i was so shocked with her reply bcos she cldn't solve it! yes! i was superb shocked. and so i decided to ask around and den during our tutorial, my lecturer was asking me if i could solve it, but to no avail. and so she told me the ans luh, hahaha, and by then, my 2 other friends also solved for me ler! wahh it's like a trick qns, but it's not!
X, Y and Z has some money.
X gives 1/3 of his money to Y.
Y den gives 1/3 of his money to Z.
Z den gives 1/3 of his money to X.
Every one has $10 now, how much they had initially?

p5 math is alr so chim luh, wah my future kids are gonna have prob studying sia.
and after class, went to eat carl's junior. lol. yeah.

gah, i gotta find an article for my CRS now! gotta show lecturer tmr! =/
and i'm not done with my CD reflections and preparations for the class activity.
and my EM1 is so messed up cos i'm still unsure of quotient and product rules.
and what more E matl, is like darn difficult to understand! :(
and there's psyc project to do.

on the brighter side of life, i'm done with my tutorial 4 qns' from c programming. (:
yay. and 4 days time. got the SPSU stuffs and chalet!! woots. :)

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