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lundi, octobre 08, 2007

♥ xD

omg omg omg! hahaha!

class ended at 2pm this afternn, den went to makan and find inspiration, shiok :P
went to moberly w gay cos gotta stay back till 5 for some GYL stuffs. den he kept saying that cheryl, denise and i shouldn't play pool not will lose his face, like whatever la. tot of going for the overseas ITP - philippians de, and we gotta get the form for some lecturer (moon) and gay portrayed him as a scary man =( and it's best if we don't go see him in groups, not will be in a disadvantage also. cos he will interrogate u during the interview. literally.

so yeah, denise and i looked for this particular lecturer (moon) ard 4 plus at t10. and we really pretended as if we dunno each other. it was so tough man. i went ahead of her by 10 steps and we stood outside moon's office cos he not in. we couldn't talk to each other at all, just stone there, stuffy staff room. den sms each other instead :P until we heard loud footsteps and he went "are you all looking for me?" see, cos i never knew how he looks like, so i was like "erm erm..." den he was like "i am so and so" wah... scared the pang sai out of me, though i got most of them out le. den we went to his office and it's darn small. he was asking "so what are you 2 looking for?", we tried not to use the word "we" so both of us was like "eh, i'm intending to go for the philippians trip" and then a knock on his door. shivers, it's gay. cos we were supposed to pretend we dunno each other mah, so we showed no expression at all. first time sia, i dunno him. den he was joking with moon with his usual tone la, and was also asking about the trip and etc. and then!!! another knock on the door =/ SHAKING! who was it... it's aaron from GYL also! OMG, i tell you.. denise and i was superb worried and scared.. cos when aaron saw us (gay, denise, me), he went "ay, ni men ye zai zhe li arh?" which means "ay, you ALL also here arh?" like omg. and that moon was smart, he asked "you all know each other?" den gay went "oh ya, both of us in GYL de.." den gay kept winking to aaron to act as if he dunno denise and me =/ terrifying experience. den after aaron and gay left, that lecturer was (complimenting) about himself.. said smth like can earn good r/s with students, until like friends le. wah, really wanted to puke =( gay? haha! so after a long 5 minutes, we finally left his office and went back to moberly as strangers. and den we were "cursing and swearing" at that lecturer when we stepped in. LOL. ahhaha..

den we went for the GYL stuffs.. and den i realised that kim is also doing guitar for OC =D omg! like i never knew anyone else will wanna do guitar la! woohoo (: at least my ppt slides can be shared right! =D hahaha.. and the videos taken today wasn't too bad :) psp, lecture, ipod, dota, darn comical.

i wanna go for MM day le! it's on Friday, 26 Oct 07 at the Auditorium at 3pm, $3/ticket. admission by tickets only!

and happy 17th birthday to leonard :D

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