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mercredi, octobre 24, 2007

♥ XD

hmm :) quite a long day today. class started at 8am this morning again. went to FC 4 to makan and on the way to class, saw jiaqing at 3rd lvl, someone i gotta noe from the CSSC last friday at 4th lvl. den saw denise and john outside my class(5th flr), then saw andy on the way to john's class(4th flr), saw jiaqing and lizhi outside their class (3rd flr), den on the way back to my class, saw desiree! LOL, is like i saw 7 ppl in 20 min at just 3 levels.
had this option talk on CIE and TF in the afternn at 12:45pm, den went for SPSU stuffs and i cannot go for EP! ): too late bah. 15 min late. and there were so many ppl luh! got NYAA booklet le, gotta like start like real soon~ ahh. sian. c prog tmr, wp and CD. sian. i don't like studies. =(

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