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mercredi, novembre 07, 2007

♥ busy busy

we did milling for ytd's workshop practice! omg, it's like darn difficult to hold the brake handle cos it's like so high, out of my hands reach. ): they should scale the machine down luh.
i'm like suay this morning ): had diarrhoea on the way to school while in the train, tried tahan-ing since bedok all the way to tanjong pagar, at yes, i feel so tui cos of my seat. then heard from classmates that my math lecturer was in a veh good mood today cos tmr deepavali, so no matter how late we arrived today, she allow them to take attendence, and suay suay, when i reached school, i saw her left the block le. feel more tui lo. =(

next wed - e materials test!
next thurs - psychology presentation!
next friday - WP and Cprog test!!
next next ? - e tech test!!
next next friday - e math test!!
it's gonna be mugging and more mugging for these 3 weeks.
i doubt i can even get GPA 3.0 this sem. [not reverse psychology luh]

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