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lundi, novembre 12, 2007

♥ busy busy

evening nursery was fun~ :) with all the adorable babies and toddlers luh~ angelle and her sis just so lookalike!! yes, siblings mah, but how many siblings can really look that alike?! and when service ended, and their mum came down to fetch them, mei mei was so happy that she kept pointing to her mum and laughed and smiled non stop! XD
william!~ hahaha! chubby~ O^O

en jie!

xuan ning!

tigger andrea~ :)

and here comes the melancholic spirit!
on what to do for NYAA, and etc etc. omg, i really analysed ev' points luh. gah.
class starts at 9am later, must mug!

this wed : e materials test; factory visit; GEMS proj; discipling?
this thurs : GEMS presentation; serving for banquet; surprise JL?
this fri : workshop practice test at 3; c programming at 5; karina's net for board game
this sat : TDM at 12:30pm; edge at 5:30pm
this sun : church
next mon : math quiz
next wed : e technology test at 12
next thurs : net
next fri : e math test at 5!! =/
next sat : TDM again?
next next thurs : submit CD community service?

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