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jeudi, décembre 06, 2007

♥ aunt choo hse, rain rain rain

(: monday class ended at 2, den chiong to do CRS until 5 plus, and went for FOWA meeting at 6.. it only ended at 8:10pm and by the time i reached my aunt's place, it was already 9:15pm.. (including buying dinner back) hahaha, living in jurong west for 3 days isn't too bad afterall~ (: dun hafta waste time on train sleepin. there's tv on the bus.
had CRS presentation on tues, screwed up. i kept dozing off the night b4 and my cousins had to wake me up.. ahh i didn do a great job luh. class ended at 5 lidat on tues, reached back ard 6? (: happy luh, don't need to take 1hr to travel.
wed is free!! i pon SPSU thingy, and sports day. i tot it'll be cancelled luh, but it still went on despite the downpour. watched ah wang like siao until 6 plus. LOL.
had my Cprog practical test today, darn easy... i mean i am confident of getting 100/100 unless i did some stupid mistakes like placing the no++ and the wrong side or i didn't declare my double and int properly. (PS, toking in c++ mode) yeah.
eh will update in exact details perhaps in future.

btw, happy 17th birthday to Max! (:
and happy 17th birthday to Hwee Sheng (7 dec)! (:
woot! i didn't know until mirror told me abt hs, and denise abt maths. LOL.

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