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lundi, décembre 24, 2007

♥ busy school holidays!

oh my! so many stuffs happened this week and really lazy to blog about it... haha!

monday - meet up with GEMS friends for project :)

stef kena suan-ed like siao..

tues - supposedly CSSC duty, in the end went for VFC christmas carolling XD

it's really a great time, just having to go around tampines and sing christmas carols and shouting "Jesus loves you!" alto alto~! haha, we went to the coffeeshop/ playground near church, then carpark at jiaying's place, den another carpark, den infront of the coffeeshop near tamp north cc, den S11 there and last but not least the tamp east link mall there. gosh, just singing and singing. (:

wed - slack at home
thurs - prepared carnival stuffs
fri - prepared carnival stuffs, christmas gathering

nice food (: and my sis and i ate a whole plate of carrots! cos it was just so sweet..

sat - Food Collection drive! in hand with BB (and they're from SHSS!!)

met at tamp north cc and we walked to our allocated blocks. lol thank God we collected 2 sack of rice (: it was seriously better than nothing. hahhah, i heard that a lot of ppl from door to door really gave a lot! woohoo!
went for edge (after a long long time) and then dinner at changi village with family. Thai Village food restaurant, i think.. food wasn't too bad luh..

sun - went for service, video meeting, dme 1a23, ety-ians.

LOL, it was the first time that the whole video ministry ppl gathered tgt so zhilin was like "take photo!" hahha! darn funny luh, and tot that uncle melvin wanted to give us christmas present or smth, in the end was just the duty roster for next sem! hahas, and i just realised i'm in video for 9 months le! very very fast (:
meet class at 1 instead, lol. they were in parklane lanning.. and i think it's really wisdom. met at mac to discuss about BBQ until 2 plus, den they continued lanning while i went to meet hh and hy.
crazy talks and walks and dinner luh ;) hahhas! thanks gals for the gifts!

mon - final prep for carnival :) out shopping for gifts. very last min!

it's christmas tmr! omg~ (: jesus is born on that day~~ whee!! carnival and class chalet and more meet ups and bday celebration (?) =D

and on a spoiler side of the day - :(
i have exam on 22, 24, 28, 30 jan 2008. and i haven't started mugging yet (which is so unlike me) ok, i better turn on my mugging button le. bye.

merry christmas!!
and a happy birthday to Jesus! :) LOL

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