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vendredi, décembre 28, 2007

♥ class chalet!

class chalet! (: hooray, ali gave us a lift to the chalet though it's only at downtown east. ahh just felt really lethargic for the chalet, nearly went to sleep while waiting for them to call. anw, i didn't take any pic cos my dopod smartphone's camera is in a lousy condition. BBQ supposedly starts at 6pm and denise came!! omg, i tot she said she didn't wanna come luh. cos suddenly had plans to go to joan's place to continue watching the korean drama we stopped the previous day at 6 lidat! hahhas, so denise came for 1/2 hour only luh. den went off to joan's place and watched till 8 plus, cos was also meeting hanhui! yeah, although this is a class chalet, class didn't mind calling my frens down mah.. denise, hanhui and my sis came down, make full use of my 11 bucks what XD ! haha! so yeah, the food isn't that nice cos horrible fire won't start. it sounds really nice to have 18 other guys as classmates, but after the chalet arh.. haiz.. hahah! the chinese guys cannot cook for girls la! the malays did a better and greater job. oh yea, did i mentioned that it was the best BBQ hot dog i ever eaten. hahhas! sounds like exaggerating. but anw, the chalet wasn't too bad :)
yeah, that darn residential proj ppl nv call luh. argh. hafta go for meeting tmr le.

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