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dimanche, janvier 20, 2008

♥ androo bday, airport, zl farewell lunch

this weekend was a lil crazy! hahahha, it was andrew's bday ytd!! jane and her 2 frens, cheryl and myself met at harbour front mrt and went to get candles and balloon for him. den we took the bus and walked to his place luh.
the plan: cheryl and i to lure him out of the house, blindfolded, and then 3 of them would enter the house and prepare the cakes and etc, so jane would call and inform that they're ready and then give him a surprise!
so... cheryl and i managed to lure him and we brought him to around his place and etc but he's been living there for so long le, sure know his way mah.. but after a long time he managed to lose his orientation or smth and when we returned to his real home, he tot is jane's fren's place! (cos they lives nearby) hahah! and den made him suck the pacifier and hold the balloon like some kid la! hahah! it was enjoyable :)

den went to airport to mug with cheryl and she left at 6 plus. stayed until 8 plus until veron came, den meet the rest for dinner at popeyes! LOL. i managed to do math le!! section c at least :)

today was zhilin farewell lunch cum video gathering luh! :) went to the sizzler at toa payoh to have lunch (: woah! hahas, den uncle melvin saw his secondary school classmate!! so i was also trying to find mine. =X food wasn't too bad but i couldn't finish luh, waste money sia. den was talking about the kang sisters' future, got doctor, lawyers, business woman. potential company, 3 in 1!!

anw i'm preparing to mug more tmr for math, EXAMS, here i come ):

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