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jeudi, janvier 03, 2008

♥ c++ new yr resolutions

had psychology presentation today! enjoyed hilarious skits by the class (and besides my group, i dunno any others), and the other groups except us all got violence part sia. LOL. anw i duno why but my comp programming lecturer told us to do a new year resolution and she wants to see it by next lesson/tues. LOL i didn't know poly lecturers lidat luh xD the next 4 weeks is more chionging le ): really. GPA sure < 3.0 ): i only started mugging real hard last week. ahh i miss those mondays last sem, cos at least still got mug with class.

anw, my new year resolution for 2008 (i really dislike doing cos i will never complete 'em)

1. build up r/s with God.
2. spend quality time with family, frens.
3. practise guitar and bass guitar!! (collecting dust le)
4. prioritise time properly so that this year will not pass "so quickly"
5. end of 2nd year sem1, get a cumulative GPA of >3.5

i can't think of any meaningful ones le..
anw, 1 more month to holidays again!! XD

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