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dimanche, janvier 13, 2008

♥ golden path

oh man, i just watched the 2 last episodes of the golden path on mobtv. the ending is kinda unexpected, if not for the synopsis, i think it's gonna be more interesting for me. anw, really sad thing is that a lot of ppl died and :( jinlong died too. ahhh. mediacorp should produce this kind of drama more, the storyline is really good. i love tay ping hui's role cos he's alw the mean guy and woah, he acted so well!!

ahhh enough of mobtv, went to mug at airport with cheryl on sat. visited T3 :) woah, nice nice.. haha.. but i dun like the popeyes from there luh. hahah. anw i managed to do math 2day.. finally understood complex no, limitations and basic differentiation which is the first few chapters of math =X better den nothing! exams are in 1 week time! <3.0 this sem ): ahhh do my best luh.

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