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lundi, janvier 21, 2008

♥ mrt disruption

it's very very wordy..
yeah i was affected by the disruption between pasir ris and tanah merah this morning! tot i'm able to catch some sleep on the train and probably reached school earlier to mug and blah blah. then saw a crowd at simei mrt entrance and tot they so kiasu to collect the today paper but it's actually cos of the disruption! first thing which came into my mind "ppl jump down again! so inconsiderate" LOL. i mean the most inconsiderate act to die is to jump on mrt tracks. they deserve to be struck dead by the voltage or just flung off the mrt station when they kena bang. so anw, i tot it's gonna be like 1/2 hour incident like the previous time i encountered after my class. but i tot just take the shuttle bus to tanah merah since it's only 1 mrt station away and ev'one is queueing up. in the end took 38 to tanah merah interchange ($1 cash!! cos i intended to top up my ez link card that morning. suay) and t.m. was the next pasir ris, cos i managed to get a seat :) whee. realised that i'm supposed to take the train at ard 6:55/7:01am, but i only took it at 7:28am lidat? which is quite reasonable, thank God i decided to study in school at 8 lah! :D channel 8 news said that it lasted for over 7 hours!! omggggg so long, thankfully i didn't intend to wait on :) and heard that jurong also kena some disruption, like what's happening to the mrt trains le!! =/ i think mrt trains are really good, but when it comes to this type of situation like ppl commit suicide or mrt break down, etc., there's no alternative route. only uses one track. if the incident happened at tanah merah mrt station, woah, i dunno what to say sia. and if that day got exam, lagi suay.
mugged from 8 plus until 3 plus, den went to macs and mug w cheryl and denise again. was crapping about the same phone joke which zhilin shared ytd, but cheryl said got modern kind de!! it's modern and trendy and an improved version of the phone joke (: exams tmr. God bless!

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