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jeudi, janvier 10, 2008

♥ SP open house

oh my gosh!! i went for SP open house finally!! :) i must say that the open house is like not too bad, but the best part of the open house was actually some where in the convention centre, i think, cos they're holding the school of mechanical and manufacturing engineering and school of electronics, electric engineering inside! oh my!! :) i wanna join school of MM. woohoo! ahh i didn't get the goodie bag ): they tot i'm a student in SP ler. so angry lor. oh yea, and there's shuttle bus from the mrt there to the business block up the hill. oh man, studying in SP is so good, even got bus to send them to their class! O.o heh. and one of the teacher said "hi!" to me!! =D
oh crap.. nonsense la.. but it's true about gg for openhouse and convention centre..

had 2 tests this morning.. had GEMS quiz at 9 and WP for milling at 10 plus. den lunch and went for C++ class. damn shocked when entered class, tot i entered my buddy class' cos all of them were alr there, even attempted to double check until they said that i'm right. ahhhhhh.. tests, quiz, presentations, exams, they're all due very soon!! tmr gt presentation and essay due. OH NO!! i scared sia. haven't finished ): bye and gd night den.. gg to zzz le :) life still goes on though got tests, must continue to sleep early luh.

and denise and i had lotsa junk food just now!! =D hahha! what sia..

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