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jeudi, janvier 31, 2008

♥ sweeney todd

"cut the throat and make meat pies"
heh watched sweeney todd with veron at cathay orchard just now. 4/5 (:
it's basically a musical-based movie. i'm nt the kind who likes the kind of singing and singing and more singing - yes, i didn't watched / not intending to watch hairspray and musical high school. so u can say that i made the wrong choice of watching this movie. BUT, rating 4/5 is basically becos of the music! yeah, i shld be shot down or get bang by a car. but anw, the whole movie in all is like great! oh my, the gore part is just when johnny depp slits his customers throat. and when the customers ate the meat pies.. eww, felt like vomitting. the twist in the show, oh so good, the ending was expected but not exactly expected cos i didn't expect him to die (oops i just told u the ending) that way. ahh. it's a sad ending and it just ended tat way. ): for those who don't like or love musical shows should just watch the movie. darn, that music is still stuck at the back of my mind.
*there was a barber and his wife, and she was beautiful.. a foolish barber and his wife, she was the reason and his life, and she was beautiful.. and she was virtuous, and he was naive*
ahhh crap. oh yea, and i'd been figuring how johnny depp looks like. so after the movie, we went to HMV to look for some DVDs and i saw one of his movie and he looked so cute! OMG =D
CNY is just next week and i haven't shopped for anything. still need to go back to sch tmr ): argh. school holidays, my beautiful sleep~!!

anw happy 19th birthday to veron (:
happy birthday to mdm jane yeo (:

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