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vendredi, février 08, 2008


happy lunar new year! it's the year of rat this year; i heard from fren that the years of rat & horse clash! =X LOL. my mama's born in year of rat! my papa is born in year of horse! and i'm also born in year of horse! =D eh, but we actually don't really clash at all leh.. cos ev'thing is also gg well with my parents, and me...

day 1. dun hafta go to church like last year cos CNY is not on sunday~~ hahah~ so took train all the way to CCK and bus to BP =/ long way sia.. den went to jurong for visitation and makan~ played monopoly with cousins and sis. wrong rules luh =/ took some pics sia..

den went to st. joseph home to visit grand uncle! (:
anw after this trip, i realised that a lot of my relatives had grown older/ look really different le. =D or D= ahhh..
i wana get a silly polaroid camera leh, it's like antique mah..

and and and, i really kinda regret gg for philippines trip luh. like missed out a lot of fun during march! and =( i can only stayover at aunt place in dec again? =/ haiz! that's like such a long time away. and did i mention that i alw tend to regret gg for camps b4 gg for the actual camps, but then realised that it's fun actually? let's hope this is not an exception..

P/S. i'm 17+ yrs old today! =D

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