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vendredi, février 22, 2008

♥ expedition

oh yes. short and quick update on the mini expedition during monday to wed.

yes, we actually all went to sungai buloh wetland reserve. it's off kranji, juz opp JB! OMG, it's really very far! had to take bus, den walked in.... with our luggage...

we did mangrove salvaging, replanting, night survey (walk) during the 3D2N trip. very good experience. night survey; half of the time was looking up at the sky.. admiring the moonlight and stars. it's juz marvellous, the sight. i tot i will never get to see it in S'pore (esp during times in m'sia and batam) kinda sad that captain planet wasn't here to tell me about the stars.. ): but the main motive was to check out the night birds and insects like nightjar, fireflies, etc. my group saw the water snakes! like really cool.. hahaha.. den 24/7, keep hearing sirens o'er at m'sia. tot cos too much crimes, but it's actually cos of a nearby hospital la. LOL.

pics not avail cos i dunno why but anw, i think this camp is a good experience for bonding! (: i like!

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