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mardi, février 05, 2008

♥ holiday....

1st feb - went to school for philippines trip meeting.. from 1 until 3 plus =/ moon really can talk alot. ahhh.. and then met sis for dinner at ramen ten at CS lvl 1. the food barely can make it, cos there's no babi there too ): den saw SP walking past the shop. LOL. then on the way to interchange, met eujinn, so the 5 of us took the bus tgt to church. (: thankfully all 5 of us managed to squeeze in the bus! and little did we know that jemima + net were on the same 293 bus!! den very very funny stuffs happened. at the 2nd stop, JL foot kena stuck by the door. den we tot the door jammed, cos only 1 side of the door was opened. after the bus driver closed the door then we really realised and JL had a bruise on his foot. so we were all crapping away tat he won't be able to go for his band training cos his foot kena kiap by the door. the t'cher wld reply "pls come out with a better excuse" and etc.. so b4 reaching the 3rd stop, JL went to tap his card. and when bus reached the stop, he became smart to get off the bus if not foot will kena another bruise. but suay, SP kena kiapped instead!! LOL and it's like a body la.. really pain sia. den bus uncle quickly closed the door and then we realised that JL didn get up the bus! lol. after a commotion and etc, ev'thing was well and we were worried for SP & JL mother. cos it seems as if it run in the family ): lol. anw quite a no of ppl went for the youth rally. new NL and campus outreach!

2nd feb- SPSU yr 1 evalution thingy from 9:30 until 5. chiong to yishun for edge! den dinner at CS fc. saw cheney sia. =/ and had some laughter with the gals~

3rd feb- church! (: din go for the farewell chalet!

4th feb- FOWA meeting at 9:30; cut hair at 1 plus until night.. den chiong TM get CNY clothes. ahhh.

5th feb-jus started spring cleaning. ):

yea, happy chinese new year in advance =D

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