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dimanche, février 10, 2008

♥ lo hei; nursery

went to denise' church for service this morning, newton life church. LOL. den had lo hei! hahaha. den went home and church for NLT2 and nursery duty! heh, had video and nursery this evening but nursery is my priority! =D oh my, the toddlers are so adorable!! haha! there's angelle's little sister (can't rmb name), en jie, joanne / xuan ning, caleb, fann jann. =D enjie is getting more mischievous. joanne is really smart and adorable! angelle's mei mei is so kawaii! hahaha! she's like an angel like her sis! heh! caleb is hilarious. "is mummy pretty?", "NO!", "huh!! is mummy pretty?!", "NO! >:( mummy is pretty!" LOL. fann jann actually juz had his spinal operation and since then, his 2 legs had lost its ability to move. thank God his left leg can react a little! pray that God will do a mighty work in fann jann! =D and i just noticed smth! like, i've been asst class rep, leader for GYL, now 2nd I/C for video and asst NL =D woah, being a leader... wait for that calling le =D

and it's denise chalet tmr! =D
and, zhi lin is leaving tmr for studies in australia! ): aww will miss her luh!

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