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jeudi, février 28, 2008

♥ results!


Workshop Practice - A
Character Development - A
Computer Programming - A
Engineering Mathematics - B
Psychology and Counselling - B+
Critical Reasoning Skills - C
Electrical Technology - C+
Engineering Materials - C+

Semester GPA: 3.192
Cumulative GPA: 3.3

YES!! my GPA this sem is still more than 3.0!! thankfully. but still a little sad cos i didn't improve at all, but dropped quite a bit. ): i tot i could clinch an A for GEMS which is psychology but i only had a B+ ): cumulative GPA also went down.. ahh my plan was to get at least 3.5 after 1st year. ): but it's okay luh, still got 4 more semesters to get a good GPA!! woohoo!! i suck at EEE stuffs! ): 2 sems, electronics and e tech got C+! and i can't believe i got A for C++!! =D

i'm free next week, only on evenings before the 8th march! LOL. and there's a lot of fun stuffs going on during march. youth encounter, leaders' retreat, youth activity, easter production, synerg!z and eh, fowa enrolment.. i'll miss all these activities la ):

GEMS! planning to take Cheng Yu / idioms or Calendars and Astronomy or Know Your Temperament Blends this sem, under Arts and Humans..

>:( my M)phosis slippers suck!! jinx sia. kept kena-ing suay stuffs. ):

anw, went for medical checkup this afternoon at dover clinic. i actually GREW! =D i'm 164cm leh. even i dun believe =X had 2 injections also. haha, sian la.

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