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vendredi, mars 07, 2008

♥ tmr!!

tmr is the day!! ): i'm leaving for philippines... for 1 whole month. yes, regrets again... i heard that we only can use 1/2 pail of water to bathe (cos of water shortage), how to bathe!! i'd used 1/2 pail of water as "warm up", plus there got no heater ): ahhh at least when we stayed at sungai buloh, it's in s'pore and still got heater luh, etc.. shampoo, conditioner, soap, face, etc.. it's a morning flight on sat.. gotta carry loads of things there, the only encouragement to hear is that we'll bring back lesser stuffs when we return! =D heh. i haven't pack my luggage finish yet ): tonight gonna stay up again.

P/S. thankfully i live in tampines! nearest to changi airport! =D
PP/S. check this website out! it's our official website for this trip!
PPP/S. my fastest time to solve rubik's cube is 1m30s (: 1 hand is 7m!! wooh!

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