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mercredi, avril 09, 2008

♥ BBQ at east coast park

summary of philippines trip
ytd! =D
went to school for FOWA prep, saw my buddy classmate and weijian. buddy classmate was also commenting that i was chao ta! =( den meet kx for lunch, saw the 3 musketeers again. den on way to mrt, saw yi wei, matthew and one spsu guy. supposed to meet the rest at parkway parade at 2pm, but cos of heavy rain, most of us was late. den at PP, i saw cleone! LOL. den after we did some shopping at Giant, the rain started to get really really heavy. so we went to foodcourt to relax. den i saw michelle! i saw so many ppl within one day luh.. anw we still got caught in the rain, cos the others alr reached ECP. ahhh. we had durian! =D we attempted using the filipino style to start fire, after a long wait, the charcoal actually managed to get heated, but by then we had alr called someone to buy fire starter le. BBQ was good~ hotdog was well cooked! it's the 2nd best bbq hot dog! 1st was done by my class~ we stayed until 10pm and went back home. though i lived in tamp, i only reached home at 11:50pm. i only managed to take the bus at 10 plus 11. i missed the darn bus ):

pics will be uploaded real soon~

i tot today's gna be my rest day, but gotta be in school today again. like darn.
last tues - returned from philippines
last wed - flagday briefing
last thurs - philippines trip mtg
last fri - philippines trip mtg
last sat - FOWA GP's briefing
last sun - church
mon - MM FOP + EEE FOP
tues - FOWA prep + BBQ
wed - FOWA prep + gg out with denise!
thurs - flagday at buona vista + FOWA prep again
fri to sun - FOWA camp!!
next mon - School reopen ):

juz came back! i'd gotten a mini Rubik's Cube! =D and i'd solved it le! =D genius! LOL

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