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lundi, avril 14, 2008

♥ first day of sch

today's the first day of school! =D i was late for 15 min, thankfully it's the first day of school (: heh! anw, i feel so so so so happy that siswanto is now my classmate!! haha! like double yay! no one else from my class joined TF ): my buddy class got 3! that gold-digger =X and then i realised that the air drummer went to CIE =X siswanto's classmate is a girl!! like yay!! 2 girls!! =D new class got around 17 ppl.. raja was the first lecturer of the day. for engineering design. really sian. cos he taught me mechanics in yr 1 sem 1, workshop practice in yr 1 sem 2, now is engineering design in yr 2 sem 1. and my math tutorial t'cher is the same as last sem! den when i saw wee liang at FC4 during lunch, he was joking that he'll get D- again for EM2. LOL. cos his class / my previous class math tutorial t'cher is the same as last yr! =X anw, during lunch, met a couple of philippines trip's friends. like YAY! i mean, when GYL camp ended and etc, whenever we see each other in school, we're very high la! it's the same for OCS luh. den some of us went to t16 to do our logbook. den i realised that jonathan had a really cute pencilcase which says "PANDA". LOL. den robert was so pissed off with jon lah. anw first day of school started well. (:

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